How to avoid 3 prevalent cyberthreats

Cyberattacks are a very real threat to your business. Here are some tips on how to avoid some of the most types of attack, specifically phishing, ransomware, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Prevention is the best defense in these cases, especially using encryption and backups with other techniques.
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Coming in From the Cold: Business Continuity After a Crisis

No business is immune from an unexpected event.
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The Rebels Went to Cloud City for Backup. Why Don’t You?

It didn’t turn out great for them, but for you, the cloud may be your saving grace.
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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

The only real way to ensure everything is safe and secure is with an image.
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We’re Gonna Need Backup

96% of all business workstations are not being backed up.
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I Left My Heart (and My Computer) in San Francisco

If you plan ahead, having your computer lost or stolen doesn’t mean you lose your data or someone accesses your private files.