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Stop Managing IT Yourself. Start Outsourcing.

Things are getting out of control. Every time you call IT support, you’re waiting hours for resolution. When they finally show up, you get to watch an IT guy drink a Big Gulp and tell you things you already know, like, “your system is down.” Business owners come into our office all the time because they are tired of trying to manage their own IT when they’ve got a business to run. They come in looking for managed IT services.

Managed IT services is the only sure-fire way to have a technology network that is customized to your business needs. For a flat, monthly rate, you have a full IT department dedicated to keeping your network up and running, while giving you the tools you need to innovate.

Did you know? “Downtime costs small businesses up to $8,600 per hour.” – Aberdeen

We want to give you some the best benefits of outsourcing your IT with managed IT services.

24/7 Assistance

Your business should never be at the mercy of another business’s schedule. When you work overnights or weekends, and you run into IT problems, you need to know that someone is ready to help when you need it. This is more than just help desk assistance, where a person takes your request to be dealt with in the a.m., or worse, you get a machine, where you have no confirmation that your problem will ever be solved.

Managed IT services gives you 24/7 assistance that is never reliant on a single person who holds the keys to your system. It’s a full team, ready to solve your technology needs.

Infrastructure Management

Within every organization, workflow processes and data access is imperative when accounting for productivity. But often, as businesses are scaling, access to high-level data is open to anyone with the Wi-Fi password. Are you fully aware of the varying levels of access available across your network?

Cybersecurity best practices require infrastructure management, so you can limit and monitor access to customer data. Why risk the backbone of your business on poor infrastructure? The reality is that most businesses we talk to don’t even realize they have no locks on their data.

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Managed IT services professionals reorganize your file structure and permissions, along with managing hardware and software access, to give you the ideal environment for productivity and collaboration with cybersecurity best practices.

Proactive Maintenance

Most of our new clients come to us in the midst of a crisis. This is extremely common: Many disregard IT until they are forced to react to problems. This can be turned around with proactive maintenance.

With reactive maintenance, you’re often calling your IT guy, and the longer he’s there fixing your problems, the more money he’s going to make. With managed IT services, the impetus is to keep your system running through proactive monitoring and maintenance, solving technology problems before you even know there was a problem.

Business Acumen

Finally, with managed IT services, you get access to a high-level of business acumen through your virtual CIO. This person is highly trained in modern technology and can help you think strategically about your technology, help you plan long-term goals and develop the technological roadmap to get you there. By blending c-level thinking with your technology, you gain impressive dividends to help you grow, compete and innovate.

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