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It goes without saying that your business is important to you, and as such, you’re there for your clients every time they reach out and need something from you. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for some service providers of IT support.

Customer service is key and critical when it comes to IT support. That’s why it shocks us that so many of them act like the cable, electric or phone companies when you call them. Who hasn’t had that terrible experience being on hold? You call up and wait twenty or more minutes to be put on hold again or told that no one is around to help you at that time. Then, when you need something fixed, especially with your cable, you have to pick a day of the week and be available in your home for a four or five hour window. If that were how you or I operated our businesses, we would both be out of business.

IT Support

So why would an IT service provider do the same with their help desk?

A quality IT service provider will know your business inside and out, have a dedicated team waiting on you if something needs to be corrected and be able to send someone to your location to repair your issues within a short amount of time if that’s what the issue needs to be resolved.

A quality IT service provider is an all-around partner with your business. When they begin working with you, a good IT service provider learns the ins and outs of your business. They know exactly what you need and how you operate, so that to begin with, when they need to respond to something, they can simply reference the work that they already have done to get you to the point where you’re at.

Calling their help desk shouldn’t be as much of a task as calling a business partner for help. A quality service provider will never have a wait for help desk support. They should have a team of people who can help you at any moment… after all, what do you pay them to do?

Poor IT support will only have a few people answering questions like a switchboard does at that annoying cable company that puts you on hold. They’ll also have a limited team, similar to that same cable company that can’t get to your issues without a few hours. That’s not the kind of help that your business needs. In fact, it’s contrary to how you probably conduct your business.

Finally, if something in your office needs to be fixed by a service technician, a quality service provider and help desk will send someone out to repair it in a matter of a few hours at most. They shouldn’t be acting like a cable company that makes you wait days and has you hang out for some large window of time because they only have one technician for your region. Quite the opposite, there should be a dedicated person ready to help you at the drop of a hat so that your business experiences little to no interruption.

You should never be put on hold for any reason by your IT service provider and their help desk. Good IT support should involve a dedicated staff that understands your business and is available to correct any issue for you… and if they don’t, it might be time to look for a new provider.

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