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Is That Really the Best Use of Your Time?

A lot of business owners try to do everything on their own. It’s the nature of the game to want to save money and spread yourself as thin as possible to get the most bang for your buck. But is it really the best use of your time? Managed services may be the answer.

Years of Training

One thing we have learned from our years in IT service is that successful business owners truly are experts in their field. No matter what the company does, the owner and the small staff they started their business with know it inside and out. What they rarely are experts in is information systems.

Like it was in your business, it took our staff years of education and training to get to the level of expertise. From there, it took years of learning from experience to perfect what they do. From connecting and showing businesses how to use wifi to being there in case of a disaster to replacing their data and systems—we’ve done it all. Just as we’ll never fully become experts at what you do, while you’re out in the field or in your office working with your customers, you’ll never have the time to become an expert in what we do.

Time is Money

As you know, anything can happen to your IT systems. From viruses to hacking to spills of coffee and drops of laptops, tiny things can set you back weeks of time and thousands of dollars you don’t need to be losing.

If you or your staff tried to fix the issues on your own, you would have to take them off their day-to-day routines where they help grow and maintain your business, which if you think about it, only increases the cost of the initial issue. Then think about the effort you would have to go through to hire your own in-house IT staffer. You would have to spend hours learning what they should be doing for you so you could spend hours looking for a person only to hire someone who may or may not be good at the intended job. By working with a good managed services provider, you mitigate the risk of a bad hire and save hours and hours of time in the hiring process as well.

We truly want your business to succeed. And in order to succeed, you need your staff to be all hands on deck. Taking all we have said into consideration, it’s important to ask yourself, is handling your own IT really the best use of your time?

Why Managed Services

As a business owner, your default setting is to handle everything and anything on your own. It’s good to realize though, for your business’ sake, that you’re not an expert in IT. While you and your team need to focus on what you’re experts in, it isn’t the best use of your time to try to solve your technical issues when you can hire an expert managed IT services firm to handle them for you.

At AnchorSix, we can help. Call us today to find out if managed services are right for your IT.