Your IT Guy vs. Your IT Team

Modern businesses generally need a wide range of IT requirements, from customer resource management to cloud storage, website hosting and many more. With those requirements comes a need to maintain that IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity is another related concern that every company needs to be mindful of. This means you need specialist support in the shape of an IT team that can cover all the bases. This is managed services. Whereas back in the day most companies hired an IT guy to keep things ticking over, these days more and more companies go with outsourced support via a help desk.

There are many reasons why companies are choosing outsourced help desk support versus an in-house IT guy, but the main benefits are usually the same, no matter what industry you’re in.

Does that mean your company should ditch its own IT guy in favor of an outsourced IT team? You bet.

In smaller organizations and startups, IT is often in a state of flux. It also means there’s usually a constant flow of high-priority issues that need to be addressed in short order. A single IT guy is easily overwhelmed by this stream of urgent tasks, bringing important business processes to a screeching halt. With an outsourced IT team that’s able to throw additional resources into resolving your problems when needed, that simply doesn’t happen.

Another consideration for companies with a single IT guy is that this person may very well hold “the keys to the kingdom,” so to speak. Your company’s most valuable data and resources can only be accessed by that guy, and that puts your company at risk. Should he ever become malicious toward your organization, fall ill suddenly, or simply quit his job without warning, it could cause massive problems for your IT if no one else has any idea how to put things right.

Hiring an in-house IT guy can also be expensive. Salaries aren’t cheap, and the IT guy you hire may not even possess all the expertise needed to properly oversee your operations. Today’s IT world is extremely broad and complex. With so many different technologies being utilized by enterprises, it’s simply impossible for one person to become skilled at them all. With an outsourced managed services provider, you not only pay less for your IT oversight, but you also have access to experts in just about every technology you could possibly use.

As part of AnchorSix managed services, we make a point of ensuring we’re always up-to-date with the latest tech trends to offer you solutions and fixes for any business function.

IT guys also need to take a vacation sometimes. If you have just a one-man team, that’s going to cause you problems. If issues crop up while he’s away, it could be several days or weeks before he comes back to fix it, and that’s time your business cannot afford. With an outsourced IT help desk on hand, you’ll be guaranteed support 24/7, ensuring any issues are handled in the fastest possible time.

We’ve nothing against IT guys – after all, we’re IT guys ourselves. But the difference between AnchorSix and a one-man show is that we have the time, availability, and know-how to fix any IT issue that threatens to bring your business to a grinding halt.

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