Group of people discussing how to implement UC.

How to Internally Implement UC in Your Business

Unified communications (UC) technology has been working hard to transform the business landscape for companies that successfully implement it.

Today, telephone systems, instant messaging applications, and email – with the wide array of mobile devices – can work together and create an extremely versatile and productive work environment. However, the environment, which is known as unified communications collectively, is only successful if you take the time and put in the effort and resources to implement it internally.

Statistics have shown that approximately 80% of all companies that implement UC never realize it’s full potential.


Even though the physical implementation of the new technology is planned out, it is often assumed that users are just going to accept this new form of communication right out of the box and understand all its features and abilities.

In most cases, however, this simply isn’t true.

Regardless of if your business is thinking about making the transition to implement UC, or just upgrading to an all-new iteration of the current communications system in use, utilize the tips here to ensure the implementation is successful.

Involve Your Whole Team

The first step to successfully implement UC is to obtain the support of your team. Make sure that everyone understands the benefits this change offers.

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In addition to making it clear what the benefits are, you also need to highlight all the opportunities that UC has to offer.

Test for User Acceptance

Even though your IT department is going to lead all the technical aspects of the actual implementation, there are other key personnel that should be included, too. The role of these individuals is to make sure the software can be used in a practical and real-world scenario.

In this step, you should include demo sessions for the senior executives who can provide the “bigger picture” recommendations, in addition to the front-line employees. The individuals on the front line are your absolute best resource when you are testing out new UC solutions. That’s because they can explain and also highlight specific issues with certain tools.

Market Internally

There are several software products available today that are extremely robust and dependable. In most cases, if a UC-oriented one fails, it isn’t the fault of the technology. In most cases, it’s the failure of those implementing the tech to let their team know how important it is to embrace this initiative.

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Everything has to be planned for and fully explained.

Remember, you can’t force this change. You have to win over those who will be using it. This means effective marketing. The materials and language you use for marketing your UC initiative internally can have a huge effect on overall user acceptance.

Make sure to be careful about the vocabulary you choose in your marketing. This will help ensure you successfully implement your UC efforts.

Implement UC with AnchorSix

As you work to implement unified communications efforts, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. When you do, you will be able to orchestrate a successful internal implementation of unified communications.

In the long run, the time and effort you put into implementing UC will pay off. They’ll make your entire business more productive and efficient. Be sure to keep this in mind when it’s time to make changes in your business.

For help on productivity services and all things UC-related, reach out to us. We’re more than happy to offer words of wisdom or services that can save you time, money, and frustrations.