How to Fix Your IT Budget

Does the thought of calling your IT guy make you sweat? How much is it going to cost to get him out here? How long will it take him to get here and then bleed you dry?

For many small business owners, budgeting for IT service is a bit like budgeting for your daughter’s wedding: The money is gone and you just got started.

If you hate unexpected IT bills, then flat-rate may be for you.


Paid Hourly, Work Sluggishly

There are obvious problems with hourly support. Break-fix IT solutions have a tendency to scrape funds violently from your bottom line—a kind of surprise budgetary root canal. As an SMB, you are hit harder statistically:

Source: SearchCIO

Plus, when you pay your IT guy hourly, what’s the incentive for him to solve issues quickly? The conflict of interest alone means that the longer solving your IT issues takes, the more money he makes. So while he’s scratching his head and chewing gum, your bill grows.


Shift The Burden

Flat-rate IT, or IT management, gives you complete, all-inclusive support. This moves accountability to the IT services provider (or MSP). Which is where you want it. The incentive then is for your MSP to solve your IT problems quickly and efficiently because the longer fixing your IT issues takes, the less money they make.

But it sets up a new situation as well. Your IT team is now in a preventative mode. How can they solve your problems before they become problems?

Incentivized to Maximize

Flat-rate IT opens a new level of productivity for your business. By maximizing performance optimization, you naturally lower the noise from the IT side of your business.

Think of something like patch management. If one of your software companies rolls out a new update, you could be stuck with lengthy updating or basic shutdown of the program. A good MSP streamlines this process—you’d never even know without checking your documentation that everything had been patched, tested and cleared before that vendor email prompted you to ask about it.

With all-in IT management, you also get 24/7 monitoring and alerts to keep you as productive as possible.


Our Method

It’s time to take the IT burden off your shoulders. With AnchorSix, you get unlimited IT service dedicated to your business goals. By partnering with us, you not only solve the unpredictability of your IT budgeting, but you also add a proactive piece to the puzzle.

Contact us today to see if flat-rate IT is for you.