Business barbecue with VoIP.

Who Says You Can’t Barbecue and Attend a Conference Call Simultaneously?

As business has evolved, so has the technology around it. Some people now may not even be old enough to remember a time when everything in an office had to be documented on paper and handwritten or typed with typewriters. Those were the days when you had to be stuck at that very same office from nine to five in order to get anything done.

Change in Communication

As time went on, computing changed the way that we function in and inside our worlds. The space that we once used to store cabinets and cabinets of data was freed up and we began to venture outside of the office in order to accomplish absolutely everything that once required us to sit in a cubicle or office. Now, thanks to the next evolution of technology, especially in VoIP and telecommunications, you can interact with your colleagues in real time with video chat… so you can literally barbecue and attend a conference call at the same time.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015, 24 percent, or one in roughly four people, conducted some if not all of their business from home. If that isn’t you yet, maybe it’s time to consider your more relaxing options.

Now with VoIP

VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol has evolved to the point that you can be anywhere in the world at any time of day doing anything that you want and still be connected to the office.

With advances in the overall speed of the internet, coupled with the evolution of the hardware that you can use with VoIP, there is no better time than now to start working from home. Years ago, it would take time to send larger emails and message your colleagues via the web. But now, speeds are to the point that you can all but reach out and shake hands with your coworkers from halfway around the world.

Modern VoIP operates at those same incredible speeds. So when you speak on the phone with your colleagues in a meeting and need to send something, it’s nearly instantly in front of all the people who need to see it. In the past, when you would have to work from home or call in, there might have been a lag in the difference between your data and your speaking on the call, but now, it’s nothing short of real-time and instantaneous. Another great advancement with VoIP is how much more secure it has gotten beyond traditional telephoning.

Cybersecurity and Communication

When you speak on a traditional phone line or cell phone, your security and privacy are limited to whichever provider you use. It’s literally up to your singular service provider to protect you and your conversation from potential outside threats. With VoIP, you are much more secure thanks to firewalls, encryption and even access codes that can be given to access your company’s conference call.

Who wouldn’t love to be outdoors grilling or sitting by the pool while having to get on a traditional conference call? The days of having to go and sit in a decorated box (your office) are in the past thanks to the advancements in VoIP. So fire up the grill and get ready to enjoy your work life exponentially more than you could have ever imagined.

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