A Simple Solution to Your Complex IT

Everyday, we at AnchorSix get calls from small business owners like you who are at the end of their rope with their IT guy. Whether he’s unreachable when needed or the system is so complicated as to be unusable, these owners feel virtually held hostage.

At AnchorSix, our IT professionals can set you free. Our process is a product of our core values. Let us show you how it works.

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Has your IT contact moved on to another job? Your complex network now is in the hands of a new IT person who has no idea how your system works. This is a frequent complaint, and we set out to solve this.

We believe in the value of the team. That’s why we never assign your network to one IT person. We partner with our clients to become their virtual IT department. This means that your IT systems are managed by a team of six IT professionals, all determined to solve your tech problems and keep your system running at maximum efficiency.

Each member of your AnchorSix team is familiar with your network. These six dedicated IT pros variously manage all aspects of your network, from hardware and software management to cybersecurity and disaster recovery. When you have a problem, any member of your virtual IT team has the experience and know-how to solve your issues quickly. When you don’t have problems, your team is actively monitoring your system to prevent future issues. 

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You know that standard operating procedures are the backbone of efficiency. When we approach a new partnership, one of our first tasks is to determine standard operating procedures.

Working with you, we find out how systems work together. This includes how computers, phones, and other hardware are set up, and how you manage your cabling. Then, we determined scenario-based protocols. What is the IT process during an employee onboarding? What about when you let them go?

Your standard operating procedures define how your business runs. We document your procedures in a secure knowledge database as an ever-growing resource for your team. This way, when any circumstance arises that requires an IT solution, the protocols are in place and ready to be enacted.

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Risk Management

One of the great benefits of having a virtual IT department is that you’ve got someone on your side helping you manage potential risk. In the most general sense, this is your cybersecurity team, there to fortify your vital infrastructure.

But we don’t stop there.

Our skilled team knows the latest compliance management procedures. If you’re taking recurring credit card payments or keeping track of social security numbers and other identity theft targets, this means your clients have the comfort of knowing you meet strict regulatory requirements.

We search for vulnerabilities in your system, whether this is lax security measures at individual workstations or unknown holes in your system that make you an easy target for hackers. If there’s a risk, we mitigate it.


Let AnchorSix pave the way to your IT solution. Contact us today to make your technology easy, safe and reliable. Take pride in your ability to continue on unimpeded. Let the other guys fight the walking dead. Because you made the right decision early